31 December 2011

End of 2011

I'm not entirely certain that have the time or the energy to appropriately recap the entire year in the detail that it truly deserves, but I felt that I needed to give it due, at least in a small way. 1) I started out the year wearing a size 20 pant. I am ending it in a 6. Yoga, tennis, cardio...I'm still working towards toning some things, but I've lost nearly 100 pounds this year and have literally never felt healthier. 2) the workout buddy I mentioned in a previous post has become lots more than a workout buddy and is the very best partner I ever could have asked for. We spent our first holidays together this winter and I'm excited to spend many, many more with him. 3) I still need a new job but at least I love my resume and am actively searching. 2012 is going to be really interesting I think....

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