14 March 2010

Absolutely, positively late Friday Favorites!

It's a short one, partly because it's late and I need to toss something up and partly because honestly, I wasn't terribly inspired by anything this week. It was a stressful week and I honestly just let it pass me by without much regard.

  • "Parenthood" on NBC. If you haven't taken the time to DVR this already, do it now. So far this has one of my favorite ensemble casts I've watched this season- only behind Modern Family and Parks and Recreation really. In the pilot they have to introduce a very large family and they did it with economy, saying a great deal about the inter-family dynamic and each character acting in it without making it feel like a laundry list about each person. Introducing 15 main characters in one hour has never felt so fresh. And the second episode is equally good. I laughed hard and cried hard during both episodes.
  • Rupaul's Drag Race on LOGO. This show is super-delightful. Catty and campy are a good mix. Plus, Rupaul's "host persona" is super likable while also totally skewering shows like America's Next Top Model and any other elimination-style reality show. Plus, those queens do some good face. We can all learn something from a drag queen.
  • The fact that by mid-week, I will be living in a 2-television household.
  • Cooking for Two: 2009. I cannot wait to start cooking from this and I will share all of my experiences here for others to enjoy.
  • Spring in Chicago. Everyone just gets a little silly from being cooped up for so long. Our first 50+ degree day, I saw no less than 10 people out in tanks and shorts. It was NOT that warm, but it had a sense of jubilation that I appreciated. People are generally looking less pasty. And last night, we sprung forward. It's a whole new ballgame!
Alright, promise that I'll get a better (and more timely) Friday Favorites up this coming Friday. It'll be mega-sized if all goes well.

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